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Monteverde / Gianicolo

Vivi Bistrot - Bucolic delights

Vivi Bistrot - Bucolic delights

Villa Pamphilj, the splendid park that adorns the slope behind the Gianicolo hill, used to be open land rather than a green oasis in the middle of the city. Much of the park area still maintains this rural atmosphere, which is one of the reasons why the Romans love this park so dearly; it offers a breath of country air without having to leave the city.

What is now a public park used to be the countryseat of the aristocratic Pamphilj family and what used to be an old barn is now a lovely little bistrot. The typically Mediterranean furnishing, with fresh flowers and herbs, cast iron chairs and rose-petal decorated candles, enhances the bucolic atmosphere of joy and Dionysian expectations that permeates the area.

The Bistrot specialises in innovative dishes inspired by a global cuisine, but with a distinct focus on local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, hence all the fresh produce that arrives in the kitchen is grown on biological farms in the Lazio region.  The seasonal menus reflect the international flair with mixes such as Hummus, prosciutto and hot focaccia, fresh pasta with broccoli, chili and parmigiano cheese and lime and paprika marinated chicken on the autumn menu. The mix is eclectic and wide travelled, and manages to remain surprisingly fresh and light, a virtue that is most likely to be attributed to the abilities of the chefs, rather than the cultural origin of the dishes.

The Bistrot offers lunches and Pick-nick baskets on a regular basis as well as dinners during the summer season, however, come winter and cold dark nights, the setting changes. Candles are lit along the entry way and the old barn comes to life for special private dinners to be arranged for any occasion and following any desire. Since the location is inside a public park that closes at sundown, on winter nights only dinner guests with specific reservations are allowed to enter the former hunting grounds of the Pamphilj family, now turned into a scene so enchanting as though sprung from a fairy tale. After following the candle lit path up to the restaurant a warm glow welcomes to princely delights while the fireplace and carefully wound bouquets gently complement the fragrances wafting out from the kitchen.

Given its unusual location, the bistrot has hosted many special events such as weddings and other large celebrations, it is indeed ideal for private events, and the owners are very forthcoming in satisfying specific desires, culinary, decorational or other.


Open every day from 8am until sundown (6pm in november, 5 pm in december and january) and on reservation in the evening.


Villa Doria Pamphilj

entrance from Via Vitellia 102

for reservations Tel. (+39) 06 582754


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