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Forno Colapicchioni - The Cornetto Run

Forno Colapicchioni - The Cornetto Run

The lush residential neighbourhood behind Piazza Cavour has become a bustling gastronomic hub with many new restaurants and bars offering everything from vegetarian, traditional and contemporary style foods, almost overshadowing some of the historic shops of the area, such as the Colapicchioni Bakery.

The almost 70 years old Forno is a point of reference for the typical Roman sweetbreads pangiallo and panpepato. These heavy and extremely sweet breads - made with dried fruit, vanilla and other exotic spices and malvasia liquor wine - are best enjoyed in small portions due to their strong sweet flavour, in fact they are a favourite in the winter months, especially around Christmas. However, in the summer they are an excellent side to some vanilla ice-cream (yes also dessert should come with side dishes).

The Colapicchioni is famous for its sweets, which it bakes to perfection, and with a close eye on the origin of every product that enters the oven. If you are staying in the neighbourhood don’t miss the chance to pop in here in the early morning for their oven fresh cornetti and a loaf of fuming hot bread, the Italian version of the coffee run.

Colapicchioni, like many similar places around town, is a family business, which has become a guarantee for the quality, dedication and love that goes into their products. Should you be more in a savoury mood, head a little further up the neighbourhood for their second shop where they have the bread and pizza bakery.


Forno Pasticcieria Colapicchioni

via Tacito 76-78


Forno Colapicchioni

Via Properzio 23


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