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Vatican / Prati

The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums, which today host one of the most impressive collections of art and artefacts, ranging from antiquity to the contemporary age, began with a single sculpture; the Laocoonte group. The sculpture was found in 1506 in a wineyard near the Domus Aurea on the Colle Oppio Hill and immediately bought by Pope Julius II after the identification of the sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti and Giuliano da Sangallo. 

The collection of ancient artefacts and artistic masterpieces of both sacred and profane themes has grown steadily to create a labyrinth of halls, corridors and niches filled with flemish tapestries, mesopotamian, egyptian and hellenic sculptures, sarcophags, and painting of innumerable value. The museum visit follows a fized route, which leads through the meandering halls of the Belvedere of the Vatican, where the opulent spaces in themselves become one of the main reasons to visit. One of the main attractions are the Raphael Rooms, with the universally admired School of Athens.

The many Popes who have succeded one another have (almost) always placed great importance on the furthering of the arts and as a result today we can admire wonders by Caravaggio, Michelangelo, DaVinci and Giotto.

To visit the museums comfortable shoes are recommended, in fact, the galleries span some 7km, an impressive space full of wonders. Visiting the museum is free the last sunday of every month, unless it coincides with a holiday. During these free days it is not possible to buy tickets and arriving early in order to avoid the long line is almost obbligatory in order to visit the vast museum without loosing patience. During normal opening days it is recommended to buy tickets ahead of time in order to skip the line.



Musei Vaticani

Viale Vaticano

Open: Mon- Sat 09:00 - 16:00 &

free entrance on the last sunday of the month 09:00- 12:30

Closed on religious holidays



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