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Retro Fever at Vinile’s Swingissimo

Retro Fever at Vinile’s Swingissimo


Now that the cold has finally gotten a hold of Rome there are two things one can do to keep the heat up: drink a glass of red and lace up your dancing shoes!

If you’ve had a chance to visit Monti and its fabulous artisanal and vintage market, or Via del Governo Vecchi near Piazza Navona then you’ll surely have noticed that the retro scene is quite thriving here in Rome. Well, if you want more of a taste of Roaring Rome, then keep your Tuesday nights free for a visit to Vinile and its spectacular Swingissimo night!

Since most of us were born too late to enjoy the real swing time years we take to Vinile to dive into a night of live music, snowballs and perfectly mixed Tom Collins’ in all their glory. For those who cannot really count to eight a quick dance lesson in the beginning makes sure everyone gets to try to swing like Frankie and Norma did in the Savoy.

So if the fever takes you and you can’t keep your feet still then don’t miss out, head over to the hottest retro place in town!

If you can’t make it on a Tuesday, then come by another night, the Vinile arranges something special every day, and if you’re travelling with kids then come to their Sunday brunch. Vinile always makes sure parents get some well deserved relax time while their kids get to play and learn without turning the house (and the Sunday) upside down.

For more information and booking tables for dinner or aperitivo please see  Vinile Facebook page and their website.


Photo courtesy of Vinile


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