Città Dell’Altra Economia – Alternative Economies

The Città dell’altra economia, which translates to “City of alternative economy”, is part of the larger project of modernizing and integrating the former city slaughterhouse in the cultural city escape of Testaccio and Rome. The large complex is a late 19th century example of modernism mixed with classical elements, characteristics that the modernization has gone to great lengths to preserve and exalt.

MACRO, the modern arts museum, opened its second location here and it’s a success, partially due to its opening hours that are adapted to the young working force of Rome. The public re-appropriation of the old spaces that stood (and partially still stand) empty for decades has created a myriad of more or less successful proposals and projects for the vast area.

The Città dell’Altra Economia is just what its name indicated, a (gargantuan) space dedicated to alternative economies, or better: a different way of living and perceiving economy, which is basically fancy talk for a biological and fair-trade supermarket and farmers market, a fair trade travel agency and lots of initiatives and events along these lines.

This alternative “city” has become a stable destination all year around. This winter a lovely food truck festival warmed hearts and bellies while the spring beer festival prepares for the grand summer Eutropia festival, which is a continuous concert craze on the main stage of the enormous courtyard that has something happening almost every night.

The whole shebang is intended to promote and render accessible a modern and inclusive way of consuming and producing, and on the regard of consuming, a special mention must go to the Stazione di Posta, one of the most recent Michelin star restaurants of Rome.

The restaurant has gathered a steady following of fans due to its innovative dishes, funky (in the good sense, like: wow that is weird but… wait, oh my god, delish!!) combinations and stellar cocktails. Great care has been put in every palatable detail, and on regards of the cocktails, clients can enjoy a small aperitivo, or choose one of the combination cocktails, which means a cocktail and a dish created as a symbiosis of flavors that combine and complement each other to perfection; what else?

Open daily, except Monday, 07:30-00:00

Città dell’Altra Economia

Largo Dino Frisullo

Casa Del Jazz- Music In The Park

Rome has a long, long history of palaces, villas and parks shifting hands depending on political and economic currents, ancient remains being incorporated in private estates, public estates suddenly being private and other funny business. It’s important to mention this in order to praise and appreciate the happy ending of Villa Osio, today known as Casa del Jazz, the house of Jazz.

Arturo Osio, one of the founders of the Italian national workers bank (BNL), built Villa Osio in the mid 1900s on the ruins of a 17th century estate. After his death, in the 1980s Enrico Nicoletti, a (later to be known) mafia boss of the famed Banda della Magliana bought the estate and made it his private residence until it was confiscated in 2001.

After the confiscation, a petition of over 1 million signatures ensured that the property would remain in public hands, a move that permitted the city council to create the jazz haven Romans and visitors love to visit. The villa has a particular charm, being located in a grand park and with different buildings to host concerts, seminars, special classes and registrations. Apart from the many events it hosts on a regular basis the Casa del Jazz is the Roman base for one of the main Jazz events in Italy, the Jazzitalia Live.


Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55