A symbol of baroque Rome, the beloved Piazza was built on the site of the ancient Roman Stadium of Domitian. The piazza is such a loved destination for visitors and Romans alike, partly for the architectural and sculptural wonders sprung from Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s hand, as well as for its lively atmosphere, many restaurants and cafés surrounding it.


Wools – The Italian Dandy

The concept of the gentleman is one that belongs to the English, at least linguistically, so don’t let the name of this little shop in Via del Governo Vecchio fool you, the definition might be Anglo-Saxon (as are several classic brands available here), but the materials, craftsmanship and flair of adorning oneself with the precious materials is entirely Mediterranean.

Wool, cashmere, silk and leather mix and mingle in the little shop that is the perfect size for one or tops two clients at the time, ideal for a shopkeeper who believes in his profession of style and lifestyle advisor. The place is in fact more than just a clothes shop, entering Wools means entering a world that has a vague perfume of vetiver and sandal tree, has crisp and bright pocket squares, coarse wool coats and fine linen jackets, depending on the season.

The Italian dandy is a figure which has suffered much in the past decades, and seems to be someone to be barely glimpsed at Pitti Uomo. However, a new upswing in the interest in the classics, perhaps also due to the retro hipster movement, has rendered realities like Wools a constant in the life of many men (and women).

The shop is run by a Sicilian with a sartorial family background who will explain the function and purpose of every stitch and hem should need be, but his true ability lies in creating that effortless elegance that almost goes unnoticed, but which always leaves a trace. Almost every item available in the shop can be personalized and fitted and should you be so unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on the point of view) not to find anything that fits then why not have an outfit made completely to measure?

Via del Governo Vecchio 59

Tel. +39 06 68210942